How to choose the right cutting tool for Jiangmen CNC machining

                                                              2020-02-20 1590

                                                                How to select cutting tools reasonably in Jiangmen CNC machining

                                                                The selection of cutting tools is carried out under the condition of human-computer interaction of NC programming. The tool and handle shall be selected correctly according to the machining capacity of the machine tool, the performance of the workpiece material, the processing procedure, the cutting amount and other relevant factors.

                                                                The general principle of tool selection is: convenient installation and adjustment, good rigidity, high durability and precision. On the premise of satisfying the machining requirements, try to select a shorter tool handle to improve the rigidity of the tool machining.

                                                                When selecting a tool, it is necessary to make the dimension of the tool adapt to the external dimension of the workpiece to be processed:

                                                                General processing around plane parts, often using end mills;

                                                                When milling plane, carbide cutter should be selected;

                                                                When machining boss and groove, select high-speed steel end mill;

                                                                When processing the rough surface or rough hole, the corn milling cutter with carbide blade can be selected;

                                                                For the machining of solid profile and variable bevel, ball end milling cutter, ring milling cutter, cone milling cutter and disc milling cutter are often used.

                                                                In the process of free-form surface machining, because the cutting speed of the end of the ball head cutter is zero, in order to ensure the machining accuracy, the cutting row spacing is generally very dense, so the ball head is often used for surface finishing. The flat head cutter is superior to the ball head cutter in surface machining quality and cutting power. Therefore, the flat head cutter should be selected preferentially as long as the rough machining or finish machining of curved surface is ensured.

                                                                It is worth mentioning that the tool's durability and accuracy are closely related to the tool's price! It must be noted that, in most cases, the selection of a good tool increases the cost of the tool, but the resulting improvement of the processing quality and power can greatly reduce the overall processing cost.