What are the rust removal methods of Jiangmen CNC machining precision parts

                                                              2020-02-20 1474

                                                              The machining of fine parts or parts, such as bearings, etc. will produce embroidered corrosion due to improper storage conditions or rust prevention, which can not be treated by mechanical method at all, while the accuracy of parts will be damaged by chemical pickling. According to many years of processing experience, hisoder technology has summed up some methods of derusting, which will not damage the workpiece, change the parts or be corroded. Rework or repair high precision parts. Because of the floating rust on the surface of parts caused by improper storage or transportation, the use of colleen-306 can remove the floating rust perfectly and ensure the original accuracy;

                                                              1、 Immersion cleaning process

                                                              1. Take the professional cleaning solution into the tank (preferably plastic or stainless steel tank, which can reduce the penetration of iron ions into the solution and reduce the service life);

                                                              2. Use electric heater to heat to 40-50 ℃ and keep it, and the normal temperature can only need to extend the time;

                                                              3 immerse the hardware processing parts into the tank;

                                                              4 if the power needs to be further improved, the circulating pump can be increased to mix the tank liquid;

                                                              5. Take out the workpiece after the rust is completely dissolved, and rinse it with water-based rust inhibitor;

                                                              6. After rinsing, it is naturally dry or dried, or dehydrated and antirust directly;

                                                              7. When required, carry out overall rust prevention and transfer to the next process.

                                                              2、 Wipe cleaning process

                                                              1. Wipe it repeatedly with a rag, which is suitable for cleaning and derusting of large equipment or workpieces;

                                                              2. After wiping, dry with hot air or dry naturally, and then apply antirust oil.