Operation rules for large surface grinder to and from work

                                                              2020-02-20 1453

                                                                1. Before the driving of the active surface grinder, it is necessary to wear the work clothes, buckle the clothes and sleeves, and for those with long hair, it is necessary to put the long hair into the work cap, and do not tie the scarf or wear gloves to operate the machine tool.

                                                                2. Before operation, the things, fixtures and workpieces shall be placed in order, and any sundries that hinder the operation of the equipment and operation activities shall be removed.

                                                                3. Before the operation of the active surface grinder, check whether the safety shield of the transmission part is complete and fixed, and handle in time in case of any abnormality.

                                                                4. Before start-up, check whether the transmission part and operating handle of the machine tool are normal and flexible, and add enough lubricating oil for each part according to the maintenance requirements.

                                                                5. Before operation, adjust the direction of the reversing bump block according to the grinding length of the workpiece, and fasten it.

                                                                6. It is necessary to carry out static balance when installing the grinding wheel. After correction, it shall be balanced again. The diamond of the wheel dresser shall be sharp. The height of its tip shall be consistent with the horizontal plane of the grinding wheel center line. It is forbidden to use the blunt diamond to trim the grinding wheel. When trimming, it is necessary to use coolant.

                                                                7. Before starting the grinding wheel, place the hydraulic drive adjusting handle in the "low speed" position, and the quick moving handle of the grinding wheel in the "retreat" position to prevent collision.


                                                                8. Start the active surface grinder to idle for 3-5 minutes, investigate the operation condition, and pay attention to the grinding wheel leaving the workpiece for 3-5mm; confirm that the lubrication cooling system is smooth, and carry out the grinding operation after the operation is normal.

                                                                9. Check the workpiece, load and unload the workpiece, and deal with the defects of the machine tool. Stop the machine after the grinding wheel is removed from the workpiece.

                                                                10. It is forbidden to place non processed articles on the working surface, workpiece and electromagnetic disk, and it is forbidden to knock or calibrate the workpiece on the working surface and electromagnetic disk.

                                                                11. The electromagnetic chuck and rectifier shall be used after 5 minutes of power on. When the chuck adsorbs the workpiece, it is necessary to check its firmness before grinding. When adsorbing the higher or smaller workpiece, a backup plate of appropriate height shall be added to avoid the workpiece from tilting and forming an accident.

                                                                12. When the grinding wheel of the active surface grinder is close to the workpiece, it is forbidden to move the feed. When the grinding wheel is not separated from the workpiece, it is forbidden to stop the operation.

                                                                13. The grinding feed shall be gradually increased from small to large and shall not be increased suddenly to prevent the grinding wheel from cracking.

                                                                14. During the grinding process of the active surface grinder, it is necessary to pay attention to the investigation of whether the temperature and movement of each moving part are normal. The oil filter, oil drain pipe, etc. shall intrude into the oil to avoid the air entering the oil pressure system. The air entering the oil cylinder shall be removed immediately. The temperature in the grinding wheel spindle box shall not exceed 60 ℃. In case of any abnormal condition, stop the vehicle for inspection or repair, find out the cause and resume normal operation.

                                                                15. During the operation of the active surface grinder, it is necessary to concentrate, do not do anything irrelevant to the processing, and do not leave the grinder.

                                                                16. It is not allowed to allow others to operate the grinder without permission or to allow miscellaneous personnel to be around the machine.

                                                                17. At the end of the operation of the active surface grinder, the coolant shall be shut down first. After idling the grinding wheel for more than 2 minutes, the power supply shall be cut off and the equipment shall be stopped. Each handle shall be placed in the non operation position and the power supply shall be cut off.

                                                                18. Before leaving work, the things and workpieces shall be cleaned and placed in order, and the machine and surrounding cleaning work shall be done well. After one week of continuous operation, the debris in the coolant tank shall be removed.