What industries are suitable for large grinder processing?

                                                              2020-02-20 1483

                                                                Large grinder processing is suitable for Occupation:

                                                                1. It is suitable for the finishing of non-ferrous metal parts. Some non-ferrous metal parts, because of the low hardness and good plasticity of the material itself, it is difficult to get a smooth surface with other processing methods;

                                                                2. The cutting tool is simple; the turning tool is the simplest one of the cutting tools. It is very convenient to make, sharpen and install, which is convenient to choose a reasonable angle according to the specific processing requirements

                                                                The machining of large grinder is a part of machining. There are two main machining methods: one is to fix the turning tool and process the unformed workpiece in the rotation; the other is to fix the workpiece. After the high-speed rotation of the workpiece, the transverse and longitudinal movement of the turning tool (tool holder) is used for precision machining. The lathe can also be used for the corresponding processing of drills, reamers, taps, dies and knurled things. The lathe is mainly used for processing shafts, discs, sets and other workpieces with reverse appearance. It is the most widely used type of machine tool processing in mechanical manufacturing and repair factories.


                                                                Precautions for large grinder processing staff:

                                                                As a large grinder processing staff, we have to do, the first is safe production, the second is high-quality and efficient production, if there is a problem with safety, then no matter how high-quality and efficient the product is. Professional large-scale grinding machine manufacturers here for you to provide large-scale grinding machine processing center staff should pay attention to the safety issues:

                                                                1. It is strictly prohibited to operate the machine tool by non staff during the processing of CNC lathe.

                                                                2. It is strictly prohibited to touch the tool, rolling part or rolling workpiece processed by the lathe during the lathe processing and operation.

                                                                3. In case of emergency, use this button to stop the machine. Check from the beginning according to the rules before starting the machine, but do not use the emergency stop.

                                                                4. In addition to the rules, it is forbidden to replace the manual operation handle with feet, and prevent the guide surface, screw rod, smooth rod, etc. of the pedal lathe.

                                                                5. It is forbidden to use triangle blade to cut inner hole under the condition that the inner wall has sand hole, shrinkage hole or keyway.

                                                                6. After pneumatic operation, the pressure of compressed air or liquid of hydraulic chuck must reach the regular value before use.

                                                                7. If the extended length of the front two sides of the lathe head exceeds 4 times of the diameter when turning the slender workpiece, it shall be supported by the center frame or the tool holder according to the technological rules. When extending out behind the head of the bed, protective devices and warning signs shall be added.

                                                                When cutting brittle metal or cutting splash (including grinding), protective baffle shall be added, and operators shall wear protective glasses to ensure personal safety.