What is the cause of the striation of the grinding machine?

                                                              2020-02-20 1198

                                                                In the process of centerless grinder processing, it often appears that there are striations on the surface of the processed workpiece, which affect the accuracy and even the appearance. According to experience, there are roughly three situations:

                                                                1、 There are several reasons for the appearance of spiral lines:

                                                                1. When dressing the grinding wheel, the local grinding wheel is convex at the exit, and when the workpiece is out of the grinding area, the convex point is just ground to the surface, forming a spiral pattern. The solution is to be able to repair more grinding wheel at the exit or to use a file to round the edge of the grinding wheel at the exit.

                                                                2. There are small cracks in the alloy part of the knife plate which supports the workpiece, resulting in not only the appearance, but also the galling phenomenon. Need to repair or replace knife plate.

                                                                3. The hardness of the bond of the grinding wheel is uneven, which leads to the unevenness of the grinding wheel threshing. If the grinding wheel can not be improved after sanding, it is necessary to replace the grinding wheel.

                                                                4. The feeding speed or discharging speed is not consistent with the speed regulated by the guide wheel normally (simple presentation in case of automatic feeding equipment). Need to adjust the feeding and guide wheel speed feeding.

                                                                5. The relative position of the guide wheel with the axis of the grinding wheel presents deviation when adjusting the tilt angle and R, which needs to be positive from the beginning. Ti Hao machinery is the company's main products, which are machine tool thimble, knife shank, shaft processing, CNC machining, spindle lead screw, collet extension bar and non-standard parts processing.

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                                                                2、 Appearance shows oscillation pattern: it is mainly caused by the oscillation of machine tool itself or the oscillation of workpiece grinding process.

                                                                1. The operation of the grinding wheel is not stable. It may be that the flange of the grinding wheel is not clamped correctly or the dynamic balance is not adjusted properly. This requires new grinding wheel installation and adjustment balance.

                                                                2. The bearing in the spindle is worn or the bearing is adjusted improperly, which drives the grinding wheel to oscillate. The bearing clearance should be adjusted from the beginning or replaced.

                                                                3. If the vibration of other equipment is transmitted to the grinder and causes resonance, it is necessary to keep away from other vibration sources or dig anti vibration ditch.

                                                                4. Because the center of the tool plate is high, the tool plate does not vibrate when the workpiece passes. It is required to tighten the screws to fix the knife plate.

                                                                5. The grinding wheel spindle is driven by the motor through the triangular conveyor belt. The length of the triangular belt is different or there is wear, which causes the vibration of the machine tool. Requirements view replacement.

                                                                6. The center of the workpiece is too high. The grinding force of the grinding wheel pushes the workpiece to the cutter plate, and the component force of the guide wheel is reduced, which causes the uneven stress and oscillation of the workpiece. At this time, the center height of the cutterhead should be lowered.

                                                                3、 There are irregular scratches on the surface: This is mainly due to the problems of the grinding fluid and filtering system used, which causes the particles and debris dropped from the grinding wheel to circulate in the grinding fluid and scratch the surface of the workpiece. At this point, the grinding fluid should be replaced or the filtering equipment added.